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About Me | My Story

Hello! I am Ciera Jackson, founder of Healing HER 365. My story is one of resilience, courage, and hope. I have survived various traumas, assault, family brokenness, mental health struggles, physical ailments, and so much more. Those circumstances, at one point, created feelings of heartache, emotional wounds, and rejection (HER). I turned into a person I didn’t like and struggled to love. As I started to heal from those inner wounds, the acronym HER came to me. I was healing HER within me, daily. I know what it’s like to struggle with self-doubt, fear, depression, anger, anxiety, worry, and being an over-achiever. It took desire, accountability, and commitment to get me through those places in life and to start walking a path of healing versus remaining on a path of pain. 


I earned my Bachelors in Criminal Justice at Anderson University. I went on to obtain a Master of Social Work at IUPUI. My license in clinical social work was acquired thereafter. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with diverse populations. I’ve served as a child advocate, worked in psychiatric hospitals, facilitated cultural competence groups, contracted with the Department of Child Services as a home-based provider, conducted therapy at a private practice, and worked as a trainer in professional development. My passion includes providing therapy to those seeking healing, serving as a clinical supervisor to up and coming social workers, and facilitating trainings for organizations who desire to know more about mental health, cultural humility, or child welfare. 


My Philosophy

I believe that everyone has a voice, purpose, and calling-even if they don’t know what it is yet. However, many don’t fulfill their purpose because they too, experienced heart break, emotional wounds, and rejection. These unhealed areas can cause delay in purpose and attempt to derail one from their destiny. Healing HER 365, works with individuals who want to be whole, desire accountability, and who want to commit to their healing journey. Healing isn’t easy, but wholeness is worth it!

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