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What We Do


Healing HER 365, LLC is committed to providing individual counseling services, clinical supervision, and/or training to individuals and organizations seeking to be whole, evolve, and make lasting changes. 



  • To Heal. 

  • To Educate.

  • To Advocate.

  • To Lead.

  • All People | On Purpose | Always


Core Values


·       Safety: Healing HER 365 seeks to heal not harm. Everyone comes with different levels of emotional need, trauma, and/or baggage from life experiences. Healing HER 365 strives to be an empathetic, nonjudgmental environment where people feel safe to be vulnerable.


·       Dignity and Respect: Healing HER 365 believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect no matter their race, background, sexual orientation, religion, or ability. Further, we believe that everyone has worth, purpose, and power within themselves.


·       Confidentiality: Healing HER 365 strives to uphold the privacy of each client. Confidentiality is taken seriously and information regarding clients won’t be shared. Exceptions to confidentiality are mandated by law and professional ethics. This is always reviewed in the initial session.


·       Competence: Healing HER 365 is committed to providing the best care possible to clients. We believe in operating within the scope of our practice, maintaining licensure, and obtaining continuing education to stay relevant in the field. If/when issues present that are beyond our scope, referrals will be given to ensure the best possible care of the client.


·       Collaboration: Healing HER 365 fully believes the client should be an active part of their services. It is vital for the client to have a voice in the course of their healing. Teamwork is vital in services rendered.


·       Integrity: Healing HER 365 believes in operating in integrity, honesty, ethics, and excellence. This is done through communication, advocacy, and action. Trust and transparency need to be at the core of a professional relationship in order to have a solid working foundation.


·       Accountability: Healing HER 365 believes in the power of accountability because we are all responsible for our input, words, actions, and results.

·       Training: Healing HER 365 believes in training individuals, groups, and businesses on clinical practices, societal topics through a clinical lens, and/or compliance standards in which a clinical trainer is required. This is accomplished through evidence based practice and methodologies, ethics, and clinical research.


·       Supervision: Healing HER 365 believes that clinicians entering social work should have quality supervision with a supervisor who is relational, knowledgeable, and practical in their approach. New clinicians should be equipped with the tools they need to serve others and guidance to ensure they feel confident and competent in the services they deliver. 


Individual Therapy

This is for people seeking to heal from heartbreak, emotional wounds, rejection, life adjustments, and overall mental health struggles. Book a consultation to discuss if we’d be a good fit for one another and to start your healing journey.


Professional Development

This service is for organizations who seek to implement or know more about mental health in the workplace, professional development, topics pertaining to child welfare, racial battle fatigue.


Supervision for Social Workers

This pertains to those seeking supervision hours towards their clinical license (LCSW) in Indiana. Professionals will emerge from the oversight feeling more confident, competent, and ready to take the licensure exam.

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